Top Five Hot Design Trends for 2018

Top Five Hot Design Trends for 2018

We are seeing some beautiful new trends in home interior design this year. Things like all white kitchens, open shelving and barn doors are fading into the background, while bold colors, heavier and more plentiful cabinetry and curved furniture are taking center stage. Take a trip with us and explore some of the new (and some not so new) trends that you should try and incorporate into your own home decor.

Jewel Tones

With the release of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, we are noticing a host of complementary tones, creating colorful, bold, jeweled palettes in the home. Deck out a room in your favorite hues, try a subtler shade or play it safe by introducing jeweled tones in small ways like throw pillows, artwork or accent furniture.

Brass is Back

While popular last year, and seen frequently in mixed metal displays, brass is standing out this year on its own. Seen in everything from sculpture to mirrors to cabinet hardware to integral elements on furniture, there are endless ways to bring the warmth of brass into your home.

Grey is the new White

The stark all-white kitchen is so last year. This season’s kitchen will feature larger, heavier cabinetry and grey is the favored color. Hey those white cabinets can be on-trend again with a coat or two of warm grey paint!

Statement Storage

With all the open shelving of last year a thing of the past, you may be left wondering what you are supposed to do with all your stuff. Wonder no more! Try bringing in a unique piece of furniture that can double as storage and display. Versatile pieces like stylish buffets don’t have to be limited to dining rooms find new and interesting ways to bring more style to your home.

The Curvy Couch

Curves are in this year! Once popular in the 70s, quirky curved sofas are all the rage and will liven up your living space. Now try it in velvety fuchsia and you are leading the 2018 style parade!

A few extras:

Just a few more trends to keep your eye on this year:

Natural, textured designs – think wicker accent pieces, rattan, handmade artisan rugs, pillows – you get the picture

Floral patterns – large bright flowers or small patterened pieces on furniture, curtains – you name it

Animal-inspired decor – tables, chairs something unexpected

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