Hottest Design Trends in 2017

Hottest Design Trends in 2017

A quick look at what was and is popular this year – with a focus on practical yet lovely designs. All too often designers present us with odd, impractical ideas that only those with unlimited budgets could indulge in. Here are our favorite trends that sure to be popular year after year!

Upholstered Headboards

Still going strong this year and definitely gorgeous – upholstered headboards! Upholstered headboards give a room a luxurious, sumptuous feel. Try adding and upholstered headboard if your room could use a quick update.

Mixed Metals

Brass, Iron, Bronze…mixing it up with a variety of metals and tones is a definite “do”. Drag out your grandmothers vintage brass elephant and show it off next to a modern iron piece. Cool and warm with a few neutrals is a simple style that you can easily make your own.

Industrial Style

With a blend of exposed steel and rustic wood, industrial decor is understandably one of 2017’s hottest trends. It is simultaneously organic and engineered, bold and refined, masculine and feminine. So many options, from open bookcases, simple shelving, cool and innovative lighting…industrial style fits most any decor.

Farmhouse Decor

Word is this may be on its way out, but we think it will stick around for a year or two yet. With its simple, rustic charm, farmhouse style is a look that is easy to achieve. Lots of wood, baskets, burlap and soft muted tones – what’s not to love?



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