Build On Your Lot

What is Build On Your Lot?

Build on your lot is a unique program, where a buyer brings land to us and we build a house on that land. Building a Glacier Custom Home on your lot is a very different process than either buying an existing house or having a new house built in our communities. Read more below or call Tammy Garcia at (877) 301-9255 for more information. Glacier Custom Homes offers this program currently in the Dallas-Ft. Worth and San Antonio, Texas areas.  Call to see if your land will qualify for our program!

    What Makes Build On Your Lot Different?

    First, if you're having a home built on land that you own, you will own the project from the very beginning. Second, since you own the land, you, not the builder, provide the financing. Those two differences mean that building on your land is a much more intimate process than simply buying a home or having a new house built in a community. And lastly, you are involved in every aspect of the building process, from choosing the land, to where the home will sit on that land to any minor adjustments to the design.

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