How Do You Know You've Found The One?

February 4, 2021

How do you know you've found The ONE 

When you are searching for a home, the numbers are the easy part (comparatively). You can figure out how many bedrooms you need, an approximate square foot range, and you know you want a spare room for an office. But when it comes to searching for ~The One~ sometimes you need more than the numerical information to narrow down your search. It's like dating; sometimes, you just know. 

Here are some telltale signs that the house you have your eye on is The One. 

You can imagine yourself living there

Do you walk in and immediately feel at home? Are you already mentally placing furniture and where your favorite things will go? Are the kids claiming rooms and talking about what activities they will do in the game room? These might be signs that you have found the house to call home. If you have a hard time visualizing the placement of things in the main rooms, it might be a sign that it is not the perfect fit for you and your family. 

It reminds you of other places you love

Does the layout of the house remind you of a previous home you lived in and loved? Is the yard reminiscent of the one you played in growing up? Can you imagine carrying on your beloved family traditions in the kitchen? These things may not have been on your must-have list, but they help make a house feel more like a home and can help sway your decision to purchase. 

You find yourself comparing the others to this one

If you found a house you love early on in your search, it is still customary to want to continue your search to ensure you have found the right one for you and your family. But if you tour more homes and always find yourself comparing the other houses to it, you may be able to stop your search. Does the floorplan not fit your needs the same way? Is the lighting not as good? Are the other houses just not as nice? This might mean you have found your home. 

You don't want to leave

If you can't keep your distance from the home, it might be time to make it your own. If you find yourself driving by for no reason other than to see it, or you have asked the agent to show you the home multiple times, lingering around after each time, there is a good chance you should put an offer on the house. 

Deciding to purchase a home is not easy; finding the right one for you and your family is even more challenging. There is no right path to finding your perfect house, so if that means falling in love with the first home you see or finally finding your dream home after a tour of all the available houses in your area, ultimately, you just have to do what feels right! 

Still looking for your dream home? See our available homes here and find your idea of home! 

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