Gorgeous Wallpaper Trends

June 17, 2019

No longer taboo, wallpaper returns with updated patterns, new twist on traditional looks, ultra chic and bold prints and so much more. Highlighting your personal style in dramatic ways is easier than ever. Unless you get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of amazing wallpapers! We have showcased some our favorite styles to get your own wallpaper groove started. Explore our favorite botanical prints, geometric patterns, floral and metallic finishes.

Floral Wallpapers

Floral wallpapers are back – in a BIG way. Large, bold patterns on a single statement wall make a big splash. Smaller florals are still in vogue and come a in a variety of colors and hues perfect for most any decor.

Tropical Wallpapers

In a similar vein, tropical wallpapers are taking on a new life. From brightly colored, large patterns to subtle hues and shades, you can find a tropical print wallpaper that will make your home a paradise.

Geometric Wallpapers

Geometric shapes and patterns have always been popular and today’s papers run the gamut from traditional to unusual and fit a variety of architectural styles. Simple, minimal patterns can highlight a small space or office, while stronger more energetic shapes might ideally suit a library, study or gameroom. 

Plaid Wallpapers

Plaid has never really gone out of style – its classic ties keep it a perennial favorite for traditionalists and homebuyers who like more modern styles.

Traditional/Classic Wallpapers

Paisley, traditional patterns and shapes – take on new life in today’s wallpapers. Colors galore, large prints, small prints, artistic and minimalistic – there are still a myriad of choices for a more classic look.

Whatever your style – the new wallpapers could easily find a place in your home. The problem will be in narrowing your choice!


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