Accent Wall Color: Your guide to getting it right

accent walls color

Accent Wall Color: Your guide to getting it right

You don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to choose a color and paint an accent wall in your home. Use the same simple rules that the experts use when working with color and paint – and creating a professional looking accent wall is possible.

Getting Started

accent wall colorChoosing the right wall for that special splash of color is the first step. The wall to accent is generally the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

The wall you select may have built-in architectural features like a built-in bookcase, a fireplace, an architectural nook; it could be the anchor wall behind the bed in a bedroom or a wall behind your desk in the home office.

Choosing the wrong wall to accent can throw off the balance and harmony of the room so be very certain when making the selection.





The Rule of 60-30-10

There is a myriad of colors to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Simplify the process by utilizing the 60-30-10 Rule.

Here’s how it works for creating your new accent wall:

  • 60 percent of the room – including its painted surfaces and decor – represents your dominant color choice
  • 30 percent is applied to a secondary color
  • 10 percent is for the accent color

You can test three accent wall colors by painting them in 3-by-3-foot squares on the chosen wall. Then watch them in the changing light of day to choose the one that suits you and your home the best.

Pay Attention to Color Saturation

accent-wall-bedroomA well balanced color scheme carefully considers the color’s saturation level (the intensity of the color) as part of your color design.

Color theory suggests using a tint (white added) as the dominant color in the room, a toned color (grey added) as the secondary color, with your accent color being the most vivid and pure hue of the three.

Using this guide typically means the accent wall will be the darkest or most vivid color in the room. Highlight your wall color with area rugs, throw pillows or other decor items that integrate the color and balance it throughout the space.


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